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VAPA Franchise

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VAPA Franchise is an exciting opportunity to join us in a new wave of theatre schools for children and young people, and run your very own performing arts academy. 
We are looking for passionate and enthusiastic collaborators to take our experience, knowledge and course material to create a really rewarding career, and a truly successful business to be proud of.

But Franchise's cost a fortune, right? No, our business model is different. We only want to work with focused and driven partners who we really believe in, and who really believe in making the experience for the VAPA children AMAZING. When the focus and drive is right, the success will follow, and we'll be there to help set you up, and guide you throughout the process.  

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Our Story

"When you share success, it grows!" 

Laura Brind. Creative Director and Founder of VAPA. 

VAPA theatre school began in 2018. My husband and I had not long moved to South Wales after 10 years working in the big smoke. Matt had been conducting shows in the West End and I had ploughed my energies into creating a successful theatre school in North London.

But country life called, and so did our drive to throw all of our theatre experience and business know how into one goal, called VAPA. We wanted the Vale Academy of Performing Arts to be an innovative and exciting new take on theatre school training; fuelled by fun with an original creative flair.

We were blown away by its success; within the first year we’d grown from nothing to 150 pupils. Even in these topsy turvy times we are living in, it has been an adaptable business model that has stood up to the challenges of the last year.

As an original member of the VAPA teaching team, Lizzie has been with us since the get go. She’s watched the Academy grow from strength to strength and has come on board as part of the franchise family. She shares the same vision, and just gets it!

Our talents and expertise in teaching, business and theatre across the board have created a model that really, really works. We’ve wrapped our tried and tested concept up, with a funky bow on top, and are ready to help others find the success we’ve found.

But setting up your own business sounds pretty scary right?! Not when our team is there to guide you through the tricky bits. We’ve done it before and know what works and what doesn’t! Bring your drive and energy, blended with our expertise and vision to the mix, to create your VAPA.

Home: About
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