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Course Material

We've got your back...

Fun and exciting Scripts and Scenes

Shows and stories you know and love, as well as exciting new material all specially designed for the right age ranges. Arranged or written by Laura.


Music Tracks, Lyric Sheets and Music

Professional and bespoke music tracks made by Matt, along with lyric sheets and sheet music that all sync up perfectly and are tailored specifically to age ranges.

Direction & Choreogprahy

Direction & Choreography by Laura and Lizzie. Use it all, create your own, or mix the two. Bring your vision, and use our experience.

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April - Small-30 2.jpg

Props / Costume / Design

With inventive ideas and concepts that are adaptable to any space, we've got this covered. We'll talk you through how to create simple, but magical elements to bring the brilliant work you and the children have achieved to life!

Warm Ups / Games / Workshops

We've been doing this a long time! And we have a large collection of fun and inventive warm ups / games and workshops for Dance, Drama and Singing.

Course Material: Activities
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